Car Wash Door Serviced in Winter

Car Wash Door Sales, Installation & Repair in Saskatoon

We provide sales and service for all car wash doors. As well as the traditional makes and models we also supply, install and service the revolutionary 5 ply polycarbonate Alaska Airlift door and operator system. The Alaska Polycarbonate overhead door is not your typical overhead door. While it operates in much the same way as other overhead doors, the design and functionality separates itself from the rest. Constructed out of light weight aluminum and 5 ply polycarbonate, the Alaska door can with stand 200 times the impact of a glass door while maintaining 1/8th the weight. These doors are also ideal for service bays, car dealerships, and oil change bays. Lux Overhead Door manufactures Cadroll rollers specifically designed for harsh, wet and corrosive environments as well as for silent running in condominium parkades, etc.

For more information on our car wash door services, and to get a quote started, please contact our Saskatoon office.